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House in Provence

May 5 – June 16, 2021

Press Release

House in Provence
May 5th - June 16th, 2021

Magen H Gallery is pleased to present House in Provence, an exhibition put together as an homage to the traditional home in Provence as depicted in Cezanne’s eponymous painting. 

House in Provence invites you to an imaginary journey to the South of France, to the very limewashed house pictured in Cezanne’s painting standing at the foot of the Mont Sainte Victoire. Aiming to depict the interiors of this quintessential Provencal home and lifestyle, the exhibition allows the viewer to navigate through the space with its warm toned woods, light upholsteries and colorful ceramics, while being surrounded by the singing cicadas, the smell of fresh lavender, and looking out at the picturesque scenery through the illustrated arched windows.

Known for its vineyards, lavender fields, beautiful coastlands, and old villages perched on mountainous terrain, Provence is a place for relaxing, enjoying the culture, and taking in the warm Mediterranean weather. As summer nears, this exhibition provides a means of escape away from our current routine to a southern French home.  

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, May 5th with and will remain on view until June 16th.

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