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Philolaos Tloupas - Designers - Magen H Gallery


Born in Greece, Philolaos Tloupas (better known as Philolaos) moved to Paris in the 1950s where he studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. In 1963, the architect Andre Gomis suggested he create an 'architectural sculpture' in valence and in doing so, he discovered the power of urban aesthetics. He subsequently became the 'sculpture of architects'. At the same time, another medium opened up a whole new range of possibilities for him and was to play an important role in his work: Stainless steel. He particularly uses it's natural modularity to create shapes that escape geometry and instead, meet us with nature. Pursuing a personal work in plastic arts, Philolaos expresses himself through different mediums, including earthenware, turned wood, smoothed marble and washed concrete.

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