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Guillerme & Chambron - Designers - Magen H Gallery


Robert Guillerme is based in Lille, in the North of France. He majored in 1934 from École Boulle where he excelled in architecture and furniture design. In 1948, Jacques Chambron and his family leave Paris and come to live in Lille. Guillerme and Chambron met Émile Dariosecq, owner of a woodworking shop and in 1949 the company Votre Maison was born. Guillerme designs furniture, Chambron decorates the home, deal with the clients and successfully convince them to adopt their new design ideas. Dariosecq dedicates himself to the manufacture. Together, they define and impose a new furniture concept. Creativity, originality, very quickly the style of Votre Maison is known as quality furniture for everyday life. With harmony and consistency, Robert Guillerme therefore strives to create models of buffets, tables, chairs and armchairs that will be manufactured in small series. Wood, leather, ceramics, fabrics, his creations are felt as sincere and authentic. In the 1970s, Hervé Chambron, son of Jacques Chambron, joined the company Votre Maison. Also graduated from l ‘ Ecole Boulle, he assisted Robert Guillerme. In 1983 he developed his own creations when Jacques Chambron and Robert Guillerme retired. Today, Robert Guillerme creations are one of the references in the furniture of the 1950s to 70. In Europe and in North America a new audience discovers them.

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