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Alain Douillard - Designers - Magen H Gallery

ALAIN DOUILLARD (1929 - 2017)

Douillard Received his classical training in sculpture at the Beaux-arts de Nantes. This particular training allowed him access to his earliest work in churches renovating religious sculptures that deeply influenced his sculptural forms.
In 1952, Douillard's work departed from religious figures and adopted a more abstract and geometric aesthetic. In 1964, he began collecting car parts and rusty pieces of scrap metal that he cut, bound, and assembled together to create his totem like sculptures. During this period he founded the group LOVE with fellow sculptors: Joel Dabin, Paul Dauce, and Albert Deman.
In 1978, on the heels of this phase and fascination with use of scrap metal, Douillard created his forms using one central, formal piece and building movement around this fixed element. This technique allowed him to bring movement and dimensions to his forms by understanding the substance of the shape prior to creating its limbs.
In 1999, Douillard's evolution led him back to figurative forms and he reintroduced animal and organic motifs to his work.
Douillard created many monumental public sculptures throughout France: Mur-fountaine, Angers, Monument aux morts, place du Champ de Foire, Coex, Parc du Roy d'Espagne, Marseille
"La réalité est triste quand l'art est absent." A. Douillard

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