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Studio Giancarlo Valle at Magen H Gallery

September 22 – October 15, 2021

Photo by Clement Pascal

Photo by Clement Pascal

Press Release

Magen H Gallery is pleased to present AFFINITIES, an immersive exhibition featuring unique and limited-edition designs by Giancarlo Valle, assembled alongside the gallery's iconic French mid-century furniture and ceramics. The exhibition, which opens Wednesday, September 22nd from 4-7M, will feature 11 works by Giancarlo Valle and over 30 vintage objects from the gallery.

Known to make detailed architectural models for his projects, Giancarlo Valle transports us into his captivating imagination of the gallery space, revealing a dialogue between his influential contemporary style and the gallery’s significant French post-war designs.

As you step into the gallery, you will enter Valle’s tactile world, where timeless forms will reveal themselves through the translucent screens as delicate shapes. This ephemeral blurriness only emphasizes the unexpected character of each piece, old and new, as well as Valle’s overall aesthetic and creative process.

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