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Jean Royère - Designers - Magen H Gallery

JEAN ROYÈRE (1902-1981)

Born in Paris, Jean Royère made an international reputation as designer of luxury interiors in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America in the jet setting 50s and 60s. Eschewing the mass production mindset of contemporary design, Royère dedicated himself to the creation of lively and spacious rooms for leisure and play, envisioning each of his plush sofas and freeform coffee tables as a singular contribution his total effect. Favoring jewel tones, richly polished wood and curvaceous, vegetal forms, Royère created vibrant spaces, which encourage movement and interaction; appropriate to settings for sophisticated entertaining and recreation. Though declaring himself "against furniture," Royère designed influential pieces, which have gained attention in the succeeding decades. Considering ornamentation ephemeral and subject to the winds of fashion Royère concentrated on shape and volume; making pieces in fabric, metal and wood which carved space or filled the air with their strong forms and lines. His Tour Eiffel lamps and tables feature the strong geometric lines of his signature Croisillon pattern in dark brass punctuated by painted balls. His sinuous Corbeille lamps recall the elegance of traditional chandeliers and sconces; but with the boldness of modern style. Though a master of metal and wood, Royère is also known for his buoyant upholstery, including his classic Oeuf and Boule chairs.

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